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On first arriving at Rhodes I was completely nervous. Hearing just how difficult Journalism was didn’t help. I was terrified it would all be too much for me, that I would succumb to the pressures of university life. I faced many difficulties, but I ‘survived first year’ and hope to be back next year…

Being away from home for the first time was difficult. The first day after my parents left found me staring at the ceiling of my little res room, tears in my eyes. I called my parents and was encouraged to be strong. I then made friends and found university sweeter than I had expected. That was until lectures began and work started piling on. At times things were so intense I thought I wouldn’t make it and found myself breaking down and feeling depressed a lot of the time. But, by God’s grace I somehow managed to move on. I survived Rhodes, made it to fourth term and was lucky enough to encounter the world of blogging.

This term’s work was quite different to what we had done previously in JMS1 – it was the most practical course we had done. The first term’s course was quite practical, but it had not involved so much interaction with different technologies and new media. On first hearing about the blogging course I was excited, I couldn’t wait to get started. Once we began however, I was scared. Technology and I have never been friends, and now I was expected to work with all this ‘new advanced’ technology – it was just a bit too much for me. It was even worse when I realised that it was to be group work. I would be able to get help from a group member with my lack of ‘techno-savvyness’, but I generally dislike working in groups. I had to get over that though as I had no choice in the matter. And as the term progressed, I wasn’t always very happy with the group, but we learnt to work together – and even when we didn’t – we did have fun, especially with the photo comic. I still don’t particularly like group work, but I am able to work in a group.

The character of our blog was focussed mainly on relationships, this was a little stifling as to what I could write about, but I managed to incorporate what I wanted to blog about into our blog character. For example, I wanted to write about the ABSA Currie Cup semi-finals as I’m a big rugby fan and thought it interesting. So I viewed how boys and girls relate to sport and how boys generally feel about going out (to a bar) and watching a match with their girlfriends’, and then mentioned the semi-finals in passing. However, this couldn’t be done with all topics. Most of my story ideas were based on my individual thoughts and feelings, and also from my friends. And also things I had heard from others which I thought was interesting and relevant.

At group meetings we all didn’t agree on everything. One such being the character of our blog, relationships, which I found limiting, but we worked on a majority voting system and I was outnumbered. However, I managed to work with our blog even though it wasn’t what I had had in mind. There were other times when I was happy with decisions made but others weren’t. Meetings with our tutor were good, she always assisted and helped us better understand the tasks.

I would evaluate this course as an eight. Before doing this course I knew only the mere basics of dealing with technology, but am now able to do much more, such as create slideshows on a blog and save pictures as jpegs. I have learnt how to write for new media productions, especially media viewed by the public. It has helped me get a feel of what it would be like to produce journalism which is not only read by the public, but criticised too.

Working with genres was a little confining, but I appreciate it for the structure it forces us to follow – when working in publications in the ‘real’ world one is confined to specific genres and characteristics, so it was good to become aware of this and learn how to deal with it now. Blogging is journalism - you are producing work which is viewed, and criticised by others. Blogging allows a platform for a sort of personal journalism where one is not confined to any specific category, but one may explore various fields which one finds interesting and wishes to share their views on. Blogging is also recognised worldwide and allows ordinary citizens to voice their opinions.

Being confined to the theme of ‘surviving first year’ was at times stifling as our main posts had to centre around first years, thus generating story ideas were not always easy. But, at the same time it was easier to work with because as first years we understand the theme better. It eased us into the course instead of just launching it upon us, and thus made the blogging process easier.

Producing work which could potentially be read by numerous people worldwide did make me careful about most of my research. My posts were mainly personal opinion, but I did ensure that it was based on fact as I did not wish to look like a fool. I searched the internet to verify certain facts and I also conducted interviews (which weren’t always pleasant) to make the stories as relevant as possible. Dealing with different sources was at times difficult but it allowed for various ideas, viewpoints and different angles on topics.

Working on this blog I didn’t face any ethical issues. I did learn how to better organise and express myself within a genre and feel that I can better produce work now. Being confined to genre isn’t always fun, but it does teach you the disciplines of structure and organisation.


marketing my blog

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.pOINT_bLANK: Cartoons, India: Never Say Live

Hi Vikram.
My name is Snow. I am a first year Journalism and Media student at Rhodes University in South Africa.
I have recently come over this blog and must say that I have become a fan already.
One of our cartoonists Jonathon Shapiro who works under the pen name Zapiro is currently being sued for defamation of character by the President of the ruling political party Jacob Zuma. I just wanted to know how you would react if this were to happen to you. Taking into consideration that your cartoons are also of a political nature and the persons portrayed may not take too kindly to them.
I have published a post about this on my blog and hope that you will take time off to read and comment on it.
Have fun on your future cartoons.


Risky Business: Are Rhodes Students Snobs or They Are Influenced By The Gtown Environment??

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Risky Business: Are Rhodes Students Snobs or They Are Influenced By The Gtown Environment??

MISS snob or MISS NOT?

Family often try and discourage you from exploring and trying new things when they believe that you are going against what is viewed as “normal” to them. So what if you have a white boyfriend, yes it’s your choice, but perhaps you don’t see the change in yourself that others may see in you.
Rhodes definitely changes a person. Maybe it doesn’t turn them into snobs, but due to the environment we are exposed to our attitude defiantly changes to the extent that we stop doing the things we use to do.
Look even the English does not even speak proper English you can confirm this with Prof Dan Wylie from the English Department! The mere fact that you concede that you select alternate words when speaking you your family as compared to using the words that they may identify to shows a clear identification of change.
Because we around peers in a similar environment all the time it is not impossible to forget who you are (in terms of heritage!)
There is a time, place and circumstance for everything and yes sometimes it is best to breathe an air of familiarity rather than making those around you uncomfortable.


Citizen Alert ZA: Bok emblem is rugby property

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Citizen Alert ZA: Bok emblem is rugby property
South African pride

In 1995 when the Springboks won the rugby world cup our country was united in glory. It was seen as a good way for our country to grow together and move away from our wicked past. Then President Nelson Mandela wore the springbok jersey with pride. Last year the Boks yet again obtained glory and became the number one ranked rugby team in the world when they won the rugby world cup yet again. And this time President Thabo Mbeki took to the playing field adorned in a Springbok kit.

All this time the government remained quiet, now they decide that the emblem belongs to them and has been used by SARU illegally. I’d like to know, if by some remote chance this is true, why has government remained still about it until now? The Springboks have brought pride and glory to our country. The Springbok is linked with national pride. Yet now the powers that be decide that they want to strip us of this pride.

It is absurd when people say that the Springbok emblem stunts the growth of transformation. If this was such a strong opinion why was the Springbok emblem not done away with back in 1994/5 when we had become a new democracy and it would have been more acceptable as a way to leave behind the apartheid reign? But, the emblem was retained and it has formed part of who we are as South Africans. To strip us of the emblem now would be to create uproar.

I agree with those that say the decision to scrap the Springbok emblem or not should be left up to the people. I for one vote in favour of keeping the Springbok – its something I feel proud about as a South African.

In love of the Springbok


Pointing Purple: Theme of first year

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Pointing Purple: Theme of first yeI sympathise with what you as most of what you say makes sense. You show a great desire for something which requires more effort from you. But, as you stated this is not your first experience as a first year. I agree that our research could have been broader, but our course does allow for us to work beyond first years, it’s just not demanded of us. I think this is better because the bulk of us are just first years, and for the first time. We are still getting used to university life and settling in to the changes we’ve had to experience. Focussing on first years helps introduce us to the world of journalism at a sort of gradual pace rather than just dumping us in the deep end. Seen as this is actually your third year at a university, you are much more used to university life and the tasks of it than the rest of ‘us first years’. Whereas this might be too simple and non-intellectually challenging to you, it isn’t the same for ‘us’. So, maybe you should keep in mind that you have an advantage on the rest of ‘us’ JMS1 students and try to be more understanding.



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I heard something quite interesting yesterday. We were having a discussion about the weirdest things about people or weirdest things that people have ever done And this one girl says that she goes all Ally McBeal – while talking to people she doesn't particularly like she pictures herself chopping off their heads or doing something brutal to them in her mind.

Now that is kinda freaky, but its not THAT freaky – we all tend to have those moments now and then, don't we? What I found weird was this other girl who said she does that too, only thing is she pictures that with her boyfriend when he's talking to her. While he's talking, in her mind she just sees herself slicing off his head (and here she does a demonstration by swaying her hands across each other and making a 'chink-chink' sound), oh and by the way, she does all of this in an extremely calm tone with a smile on her face as if it's the most normal thing in the world.

According to this girl (who for numerous reasons shall remain nameless) this is how to get through a relationship. I'm a little sceptical about this, but I don't know hey, maybe she's onto something... Well I for one do not have any bright sparky ideas to a successful relationship, except to have trust and all that other typical stuff (which most people tend to forget about). If I come across any other 'great' ideas I'll be sure to keep you posted. But for now we shall just ponder the wisdom of Ms Nameless's secret to a successful relationship...

To successful relationships...



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Urgh, it’s the Monday syndrome again, here I find myself tired and swamped and already over the week before it’s begun. Ah, well as per usual I should be over this feeling soon. And then I’ll be stressing about all the work that needs to be done and I haven’t even started! But one thing less to stress about – yes JMS 1 students our portfolios have been handed in and now we need not stress about having to get it completed and handed in on time (well if you haven’t done this yet then you’ve got waarheids – start praying, maybe God can help you). Now you can breathe a bit better and the only time you have to seriously start stressing again is as the date of outcome for your application nears… Then we shall all be praying. The thing is you are continuously told how important it is to work hard and consistently and you always hear of your portfolio and how important it is. But, you never truly realise how important it is until this moment when you’re getting everything together and trying to make everything look good so that you get into the JMS2 class, and when you realise just how thin your portfolio is. Ah, but it’s too late to do anything about it now. All you can do is pray that your marks are good enough and that your motivation is motivating enough to the board and start working so that your next year’s portfolio is kick ass.
Well basically, I guess what I heard about the life of a journalist could be true – there’s no time for anything, including relationships…




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Jonathan Shapiro was recently slapped with a law suit by President of the ANC Jacob Zuma for damage to his reputation as a result of cartoons drawn by Shapiro under the pen name Zapiro. A claim of R15 million was placed against him. Initially what sprang to mind is that how can Zapiro be sued for what had already been public knowledge? Considering that we JMS1 first years are the futures of the media world and will soon cast our ballot’s how are such cartoons influential to us if they are at all?
Cartoons can easily be defined as a simplified statement that usually portrays current political agenda. This is also the best way to describe Zapiro’s cartoons. To place these simple statements in a complex position would mean it would lose the essences of its depiction.
How does it become any fault of Zapiro’s that a public figure such as Zuma has a rancid reputation? Having created all this bad publicity around him, Zuma is merely placing blame on the press and is trying not only do damage control to save his reputation but he is also becoming a bully like Bush, who tried to censor the media for criticising him for the invasion of Iraq.
Clearly this is an attack on the media! But what does this mean for us future journalist? Should we even concern ourselves with this? Can this be seen as a lesson on ethics?
The image of Zuma ready to rape the justice system isn’t portrayed unfairly at all, that is exactly how many felt. Zapiro had just been brave enough to publically display this sentiment. He has not crossed his usual borders that are now seen as his norms or style and I do not believe that he should change.
Freedom of speech and freedom of the press has always been a touchy subject and will continue to be as long as free press is in existence. But where is the limit for all journalists? Do we know were to draw the line? And how important is it to know when to do this?
Zapiro, addressed the question of where to draw the line, and said:
“The line stops when you make a tangible connection between what you are saying and instances of people going out and causing physical hurt or death because of what you say. It’s about taboos, about whether a cartoonist has the right to go beyond a certain point. I am a freedom of expression junkie and I don’t gratuitously go out of my way to piss people off.”
False representation on the facts is always a no go for journalist and that is the bottom line. Journalists are meant to be the watch dogs of society and by fabricating our stories the public begins to lose faith in us. And media just becomes fiction, a never ending supply of entertainment.
Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard is one of those cartoonists who have overstepped their line. His cartoon was the controversial caricature depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. And the Muslim community had every right to be up in arms. Such cartoons have no right to be circulated because they are false and go against the masses. It is truly angering that the media can be used as a tool to publish blatant lies and punt certain discriminatory ideals. Yes Zapiro challenges the politics of the world in his own way which keeps within a respectable boundary and I strongly believe that such methods should be used. Anything to get the facts across is a better way than merely accepting and being steam-rolled over by government and politicians.
It is because that these cartoons become a form to explain and bring to attention current pertinent issues I believe that they do help when passing judgment on issues, but the manner in which they should be interpreted is left entirely up to the individual.
So first year journalism students: we are the tomorrows which yesterday predicted we are that which today has cultivated…. So go out there and speak out… brave the tide to develop a hopeful future.



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It is believed that first years are mainly concerned with partying, going out, having a good time and such, and then they complain about the heck load of work they have. Apparently first years have so little work yet all they do is complain about all the work they have to get done and how they don’t have enough time.

We may be only first years, but we do have quite a lot of work. Yes good time management would help, but the work is still a lot and we do manage to get our work done on time, but it still doesn’t mean that our lives are all hunky dory. Just because we are first years and at the ‘bottom of the food chain’ it does not mean that we are easy bait to be picked on. And all the older students were at some stage first years themselves. First years are not just slackers here to have a good time. And not all of us are out to party. And there are many who do party and have fun and still manage to do well in their work. A theory which also catches my attention is that first years have the highest failure / dropout rate in universities.

Moving from high school life to university life is a big step, and we try our best to make this step as successful as possible. Having to put up with all the negative comments and views of everyone else at university is not something that serves as encouragement. If we are continuously been told how bad we are going to do we might start actually believing it, it’s psychology. If expectations are so low, the expectations are bound to be met…

The fact is that we do get a lot of work and we do not only complain. We are normal people and do need to vent from time to time. And doesn’t every normal person complain about work? Also if most first years failed, where did so many second and third year students come from? Most first years have to deal with the stress of a new place and environment, being so far away from home and friends and family, and having to uphold expectations. I’m not saying that being in first year is the most difficult, but it is difficult and it would be appreciated if that were taken into consideration.

First years do not drink the most, party the most, or get into the most trouble. First years need to be treated better and afforded more respect. It cannot be an ongoing chain where first years are treated the same every year. It would be a lot better if people showed confidence in first years and helped them feel more at home rather than want to pack up and leave for home.

So don’t be so ready to assume the worst of people, don’t judge before knowing. Just know that us first years are still learning.

yours in irritation



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I've never been a true believe in love or luck...(dont think I'd ever be!)
However much to my friends sursrise i belive that dreams do come true..
Many have made new discoveries or had their theories shot down because no one believed in them... but they never stopped because they believed in themselves and thats the most important element.
Dreams, desires all stem from one common point "the seed of hope".
People think whats the point to believe, dream or hope if it will never come true?
But then the question that that i want to ask is then... 'whats the point of living if you would open your eyes to the possibility that it could happen to you?'
Yes we admire those who are rich and famous, those who are beautiful and smart.
But what about admiring ourselves?
Has it ever occured to you that you might mean the world to someone?
Albert Einstein once said "Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge!"
That is something that I strongly believe in... as the imagination is the tool that brings to life our dreams.
You got to start somewhere...
Working your way to success is the 'honest' and 'best' way to go about achieveing in life so that means starting at the bottom!
(We like halfway there already if you think abot it...)



2050 AND BEYOND......

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Love is an emotion that has stood the test of time...
From Adam and Eve to Laila aur Majnu to Romeo and Juliet and to the current days Beck's and Vic.
The point that I'm trying to make here is that although love has been around since time immemorial can it withstand mordern-day human nature and go beyond the years 2050...
With technology at it's brink and robots running the world or catering to our every need were would there be the time for love if economical advancement is all we are searching for?
Take a look around you today... people believe that having 'money' is the solution to everything.
People are soo tied up with their work that there is no time for love.
Family structures are broken down due to the chase of money and the break down of communication.
The common line heard is "THEY KNOW I LOVE THEM... I DON'T NEED TO TELL THEM."
This is the wrong attitude to have especially toward children.
Yes I do agree that we're not parents yet and that 'what do we care.....'
We to often take advantage of those who are close to us and forget to appreciate them.
Love doesn't have a fixed label each and every relationship has a degree of love.
One should appreciate the bonds of these relationship before it's too late as we dont know how long we are going to be here...
And no matter the time... our love should have made an impression that would live in our memories for a life time....

So lets keep loving till 2050 and beyond....



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It's strange how this conversation actually started...
During the June vaction spending time with my grandparents... my grandma told me a story about this young maiden who was married off to a stranger... the only people who knew each other were the two families!
The maiden cried her heart out and pleaded with her father not to send her away to the strangers house.
I was beyond myself when I heard this.
She went on to say that after marriage.... the maiden and the stranger began a journey of discovery.....and began to fall in love.
One night the maiden thought of the days when her marriage was being planned and remembered her cries to her father.
She then concluded that the choice that her parents made wasn't wrong at all...
And the maiden and her new found love lived happily together..... to this very day.

This is the story of my my grandparents.....( Im very happy that my gran didn't manage to change her dads mind!!!!)

Arranged marriages?
Is it to an obserd idea to exist in todays modern society...
Is it the answer to todays high divorce rate.
The idea behind this practice is that the families decide on the major decisions in youngsters life... and the youger generation is to abide. Many cultures around the world still follow this practice. But are we South Africans ready for it?
If internet marriage sites becoming such a craze... why is it then so abhorrent that we wouldn't consider it?




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It just breaks my heart to know that sometimes even your hand at friendship means nothing....
I come from a community that believes that one should always maintain a strong relationship with not only their families but also their friends.
Yes I do agree that sometimes it may seem difficult to maintain these bonds over the distances... but I also believe that if the endeavour is made...nothing can break that bond.

Coming here to Rhodes there seems to be a new trend and call me "old school" but from mere observation I HAVE CONCLUDED THAT NOT MANY TAKE THESE RELATIONSHIPS SERIOUSLY.
Friendship has become a tool to just move up in the world.
You dont realise that this statement is true until it happeneds to you!
And this leaves you all confussed and questioning your abilty to hold any relationship together even one that is as simple as a friendship.
SO... if it does happen to you... and you end up feeling hurt and torn apart.... ask yourself, "Would I have done the same thing?"
"Is maintaining that parasitic relationship worth the effect?"

Now the only thing that I have left unanswered is: Has this become a trend that we humans in general are commiting ourselves to, or is it just us...the young?

As this has become a worrying factor.
Is it natural to take advantage of people for self gain?
How far will we take it?




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a comic strip!
a comic strip!



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Ah something that comes with all relationships (well most anyway), that green-eyed monster…jealousy! I guess its something most people don’t understand, until they get into a relationship. Jealousy is a pretty serious thing. It’s something most people aren’t proud of, but it’s something they can’t help.

Jealousy can be quite destructive, if you allow it to be. Most couples, no matter how much trust there is in the relationship, still have jealousy issues. I guess maybe a little jealousy is healthy… but then you get those who go to the extremes with jealousy. Couples exchange mxit pins and codes to all sorts of stuff. I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about... But, well, when you’re in a relationship you tend to get jealous by every little thing. You don’t want them hanging around people of the opposite sex too much, you are super sensitive to what they wear, and who they talk to and what they do… things are just uber complicated!

But you’ve got to remember that at times jealousy can lead to you being a controlling person. It’s very difficult to keep your feelings in touch, but it truly is better to just talk about it at times and be honest about how you feel. It might help to better understand each other and could pre-empt unwanted quarrels.

I know it’s really tough. But, trying to be a better person is always a good thing, aint it? Just wish controlling the emotions were easier…

Peace dudes ^m^



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It’s a Monday again. Finally made it to the afternoon…but the day aint over yet. There’s still so much more to go… I love that song by Kassette “I don’t like Mondays”. It’s such a beautiful song, and it mirrors how my exact feelings when it comes to Monday mornings. But we all manage to get through and survive (well we have to don’t we…). The last thing you need is a whole load of seriousness to start off the week.

Well at least the Sharks whipped the Lions this Saturday. So we can look forward to a Sharks v Bulls match in Durban this weekend… I’ll be holding thumbs for the Sharks… And talking about the rugby, I guess there are those guys who do enjoy watching a game of sport with their girlfriends’ (I just wonder how many…). But I would just like to give a big up to Anonymous who seems to be one of those guys, I do wonder though-how would he feel AFTER he has been out to watch a game with his girlfriend...

I guess all people are different, so I won't make generalisations. But, it is always interesting to hear different views... Would you behave differently when watching 'the game' with your girlfriend than when you watch it with the guys? How would you treat her in that different situation? How would you treat others in that situation with your girlfriend there? Maybe I'm just being daft, but I can't help wondering...

I'd like to think that if the two of you are comfortable with each other and as a couple then everything should be cool, but somehow I just find that hard to imagine. So I'd definitely like to know what others think...

Peace out



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Just thought I’d pick up on a point mentioned in a comment to my blog about stereotypes. ‘Anonymous’ mentioned the doing away of the Springbok emblem. It is obviously something which is very close to your heart, as it is with most South African’s. The Bok’s have come a long way and yes they are recognised internationally as the ‘Springboks’. All people relate South African rugby with the Springboks.

Our government and the people that come up with these oh so wonderful name changing ideas clearly do not share a very good and understanding relationship with it’s people. When it came to the changing of road names it was obvious that vast numbers of the affected people were unhappy, yet the name changes still took place… And that too using (no matter how much) tax payers hard earned money. Money which could have been better used for example to help with poverty.

I’m sure there will be a national uproar about the doing away of the Bok’s emblem. Well people are already speaking out. On a 5fm show the audience was allowed to call in and share their thoughts and views on the issue of changing the emblem, and no one seems to be happy. A point brought up was that if they had issues with the name, why was the name not changed after we’d obtained democracy-it might have been a lot more acceptable then as everyone was ready to shed themselves of everything related to apartheid. But, the choice was made to keep the emblem and now, after so many years when our nation has grown together to love the ‘Springboks’, the forces that be decide to strip us of our national pride (towards our rugby team).

It would seem that the forces that be are imposing there power, what other reason is there for this ridiculousness? As a nation do people relate the Bok emblem to racism? Our country’s president recently stepped down; our country isn’t exactly in a ‘good’ state of affairs. Yet the higher powers choose to concern themselves unnecessary matters. And by doing so possibly creating a greater divide amongst our already divided nation…

To me, watching the Bok’s play is a unifying force-in that moment nothing but the match matters. So what is it that the forces that be really want? And what is to happen to the Bok’s? Maybe the nation could stand together and show our national pride towards the Bok’s… Maybe as a nation we could prove to those who hold the cards that ‘Springbok’s’ should stay…!

yours in the spirit of Springbok pride



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We’re living in a new century. Stereotypes are something of the past and should be forgotten. We should know better than to stuck to stereotypes. But, there are still many people (most people) who stereotype. People of certain races behave in a certain manner. Girls are like this and guys are like that. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Just thought I’d mention the fact that I personally cannot stand pink, and I’m a girl! Some stereotypes are just so unbelievably ridiculous I cannot imagine anyone who could come up with such things. But, it is true that most stereotypes do pose to be true. But, the fact remains that we should be above and beyond stereotypes by now.

This brings me to the generalisation that guys are into sport and girls find sport inexplicably boring. We all know this is completely untrue. So why is it that when it comes a big game we always hear of the guys planning a big night ‘to watch the game’ and we hear of them trying to find excuses or ways to get the girlfriend to allow them to watch the game. I just fail to understand this. Or maybe it is because the guys would rather watch the game with ‘the guys’ rather than their girlfriend…

I really do not know but all I can say is that, I don’t really care who I’m with this weekend as long as I’m in front of a TV watching the ABSA CURRIE CUP semi-final between the Sharks and Lions. Yes, the semi finals are tomorrow, and the Sharks will meet the Lions at 14:30 in Durban. And the Cheetahs will verse the Bulls at 17:00 in Pretoria. My money’s on a Sharks v Bulls final in Durban. But, I shall wait and see.
I certainly hope you will all have fun and enjoy the game no matter which team you support…




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Relationships are complicated. Its common knowledge to all. If you don’t know this already, or think differently, well then, you’re in a dwaal bru-wake up! Not just the complicatedness of the relationship between a couple, but also the intricate relationship within families.

What I’m getting at is, relationships already have issues on their own, so wouldn’t things be a whole lot easier if your relationships could blend well-your ‘significant other’ and your family get along (at least like each other moderately!). You should always remember that your family was there before all the other people in your life, and they’re going to be around after all the others too-they don’t have a choice, they’re stuck with you! I have a simple rule-when you get into a relationship, when you start having those thoughts that this is someone you could see in your future, that’s when you bring in the family!

If you’re fortunate (which I’ve noticed is rather rare, hmm…) they’ll like each other (at least enough to get along for your sake). If your family has got issues with the relationship, find out what those issues are. If they’re reasonable try and sort things out. If your family is just brutish-you know they wrong! (And the dilemma is yours). If your ‘other’ has issues with your family, maybe they will grow to like your family and accept them, if not- what the hell, ditch them!

Dudes, the thing is, guys and gals are going to come and go in your life. But your family is forever. And your family is always going to be there for you, looking out for you, standing up for you, and just being there for you (even when you don’t want them). Your family never has ulterior motives (unless you’ve got some hell sicko family!). So never choose someone else over your family (except in maybe extreme obscure circumstances). Family should always come first!



The Apple of Journalism's eye

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A profile article on Melissa Lee Radebe
by: Anthony Michael Setlogelo

Melissa Lee Radebe is an aspiring journalist currently doing her first year at Rhodes University. Her friends say she has a bubbly, sparkling personality with an assertive “don’t mess with me” kind of attitude.
To this point in her first year she has excelled exceptionally in her journalistic academics, and has been one of the top in her class. During the course of her first year receiving the prestigious David Rabkin Scholarship from the Rhodes University’s Journalism Department, her future in the journalism field seems inevitably prosperous.
After going through struggles of indecision, Radebe decided to pursue journalism because of “certain personal things that have happened in my life” and wishes to ”Help people so that they can also help others...sounds cliché but it is what I want to do”. Her personality comes off as welcoming and comfortable but her assertiveness and strong-minded values are hardly overshadowed.
Since starting her journalistic career at Rhodes University, Melissa has become an “active’ socialite, when asked about how she balances between the social and academic she said “You have to use your time very effectively, time management is very important.” She thinks very highly of the people she’s met at Rhodes and doesn’t think that the ‘reputation’ that precedes Rhodes university has affected her because , “you choose to do the things you do” and states that university students make the choices they make only because they think they can handle it, if they wouldn’t then they wouldn’t be trying it.
Respect, Dignity and integrity are the three things Radebe chooses to live by she believes that “as humans we should respect each other because of the human similarity”, and she assertively practices “practicing what you preach for” and fights for the adoption of this ideal.
Melissa Radebe does not “idealize” anyone, and she constantly advises her peers to “be who they feel they should be”, “there’s no point in holding back, you’ll only be hiding from yourself.”
Her assertive, slightly-aggressive view on life adds even more excitement to her ‘bubbly’ personality and makes her that much more easy to talk to. She holds her friends dear to her heart and keeps those few in her heart dear.



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Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.
Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital.
One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool. Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end.
He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there.
Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled him out.

When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable.
When she went to tell Edna then ews she said, 'Edna, I have good news and bad news.
The good news is you're being discharged, since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love. I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness. The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt right after you saved him.
I am so sorry, but he's dead.'

Edna replied, 'He didn't hang himself, I put him there to dry.
How soon can I go home?


Profile Article on Marelize by Bongeka Gumede

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Profile Article on Marelize Dyosop
At first glance, she appears to be timid and shy. Her gentle smile and her innocent eyes make one assume that she is a naïve girl whom people easily take advantage of, getting to know her reveals the contrary however. After taking the time to know her, I found that Marelize Dyosop, a Journalism student who hails from Uitenage has a realistic outlook on life; she has the determination and passion to someday become a competent and highly successful journalist. Marelize is no stranger to me I have often ridiculed her myself for being a ‘party pooper’, a ‘homebody’ and a ‘workaholic’ but secretly, I admire her because she doesn’t conform to what other girls do in our res. I have observed Marelize, while I lose myself in the chaos; she has remained firmly rooted in her beliefs and stayed true to herself. I have watched the way in which she assertively makes choices and decisions which set her aside from the crowd. She does not ever act in accordance with the expectations of her peers; she simply does what she wants.

Marelize is initially uneasy and reserved; critical of my interviewing techniques (since she is a journalism student herself); I ask her a simple question and she looks puzzled and giggles, ‘What a silly question!’ The sound of her gregarious laughter breaks the tension and she lays her head on the pillow with ease and gradually slips into a comfort zone as we begin to have a much anticipated conversation. Once she starts talking she exudes an air of confidence, she expresses herself freely through facial and hand gestures. She is articulate and quite outspoken; there is passion in everything she says. Her speech displays a high level of maturity.

"The most fulfilling thing in this place has been discovering that I can be independent and can get work done without being coached by my parents, adapting has been hard though, honestly first year has been quite a thorny journey," she pauses and there is suddenly an intense expression on her face as she recounts the events that have been a ‘thorn in her journey’. A slightly vulnerable side of Marelize begins to surface as she begins to reveal the way that the death of three relatives in her family affected her. Marelize explains that having lots of friends around consoling her during that time would not have made her feel any better, she prefers to face up to problems on her own and let out all her emotions in private and then move on swiftly with life again. I can see that independence is something that Marelize values, public displays of sad emotions does not rate high on this girl’s list. She expresses herself through poetry and when all else fails she kneels down and calls upon Jesus "God genuinely cares, He is my creator and understands everything I go through".

Marelize has many things she does during her leisure time but what stands out the most to me is her loyal membership in the Generations ‘fan club’. A dedicated and loyal member is Marelize, always present at the meetings in the common room on Monday to Friday at 8pm. A large group of girls eagerly gather around attentively watching the soapie. Marelize says that despite the long hours that her studies demand it is important to find some time to be around friends because people can shape who you become. Her independence might be mistaken for aloofness but instead Marelize is warm, friendly and is a good listener who gives helpful advice. I myself have often been one to seek her counsel. "I never know who to turn to when I am in a dilemma because everyone else draws strength and encouragement from me especially at home, if Marelize crumbles then they lose hope."

Equilibrium, Rat and Parrot and SSS are the hot spots where Rhodes students gather together for a good time, Marelize does not feel the desire to be at these places where fine brothers and glamorous outgoing girls come together to get down on the dance floor and indulge in doses of alcohol to loosen up. "At times I feel that maybe there is something not normal about me because I don’t have the cravings and the urge to be wild like all other young people". Marelize admits that that coping in such an environment is hard but she says that you have to accept that not everyone is going to like you for who you are and you cannot compromise just because you want to please people.

This girl can talk for hours about inspiring and insightful things. She can advise you on just about anything. Like any hero, she also has weaknesses, she is not perfect but the most important lesson to be learnt from her is that of being true to oneself. This is a character feature which makes her shine and stand out from the rest.


for your listening pleasure

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Having moved more than 15 times in her life, there was one more move that she was willing to take to make not only her dreams come true but that of her parents.
At the age of 19 Alisha Singh found herself leaving her home; the majestic island of Mauritius to come to South Africa’s Eastern Cape home to the infamous Rhodes University which her family has chosen for her to further her education.
Having attended a two year pre-university diploma at Lé-Bocage International School, the Singh family prepared themselves for the departure of their eldest daughter into the realm of knowledge.
It was evident from speaking to Alisha that her friend’s description of her wasn’t wrong. Her radiance and confidence surged from this character before me. “I’m not really the clubbing type; more of a nerd actually, so I quite enjoy reading especially all of Dan Browns books!” Hanging out with her group of friends is her favourite pastime; “I like to know what’s going on in my friend’s lives, and I like knowing that they are all fine all of the time”
The reason behind her moving is because of her Dads’ work; “I didn’t really mind honestly… new people, new place it was fun but I guess that’s the reason when I never really felt it difficult when I arrived here. Adapting to a new environment is something that I’ve gotten used too.” So having come to Grahamstown for the first time at the beginning of the year Alisha’s initial reactions were “OH MY GOD! This place is a rural farm!!!!” She exclaims this with a cheerful childish giggle. “And I still think that it is!” Shocked as she was, from leaving her city life behind her, it didn’t take her long to start making friends. Res mates Impo, Gama, Tami and Amanda found themselves smitten by her charms and thus extended their hand of friendship. “HSS (Hindu Student Society) was other great place to meet other Indian people…considering I hadn’t really met any since I’ve got here.”
Missing home is a basic challenge for all first years and for Alisha this was no different,” I miss home terribly especially around the exam time, or when you just don’t feel like dinning hall food also when its festivals and you attend mundhir (temple); but it really hurts knowing that I’m missing out on sooo many of my lil sisters’ (Tiacia, 14) activities”

Setting goals for any first year is important especially if you plan to strike that perfect balance between the social and the academic life “I have short term goals….like passing my math test coming up next week, and getting those three first’s that I’m aiming for, and long term goals like ending off with my BSc degree with majoring in Bio-Chemistry and Chemistry, marriage too is a goal but that’s after we both stand on our own feet… Like in three or four years…”
Visions of being apart of something and making a change was a natural feeling to Alisha, being voted onto the HSS committee was one of the ways to achieve this, “ I like organising things… I’ve heard about how awesome the HSS com was, and in the last few years has let that reputation slip. I believe that becoming media rep was the perfect way to bring back the spirit!”
“Being apart of the First Year Dance for the cultural show had to be one of the major highlights for me as it was great fun and I was one of the choreographers” Alisha’s enthusiasm from her voice faded into that of a lost child as she disclosed the lowest moment in her life, “I failed maths in the first semester… I just couldn’t believe it, I was ready to go home and never come back! This was the first time I’ve ever failed anything it made me feel like I would never pass anything ever again…”
She likes to think of herself as “determined, accommodating and as an Aunt Agony”, but her friends best describe her as “sweet and positive influence”
Alisha proudly affirms that she wouldn’t change anything about this year as


ditch the ou-you don't need him

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Hey peeps. I've just been thinking about what one of my friends said to me at the beginning of this year, it really quite bugged me. I had forgotten about it(something you should know, I have a great memory-lol) anyhoo, it sort of popped into my head out of nowhere and thought I'd share it (they do say sharing is caring).

So this is the law according to my friend(who shall remain nameless), if you don't find a boyfriend in university then your chances of getting a man later on in life are pretty much-zero! Now to a lot of girls that is a scary thought (take note I don't say all-I said a lot, so don't be getting ready to jump on me). a lot of girls spend quite a lot of time trying to find the right guy, or trying to 'hook' the guy they think is 'Mr Right', or pretty much obsessing about guys. Girls tend to feel that they need to be in a relationship to be happy or to feel complete...

Now this is what i fail to understand. Why should you feel the need to be in a relationship (why should you even want one?)- and I am not saying this because I am in a relationship!To be honest, I'm quite happy with my relationship currently (save for the whole long distance thing) but hey I was happy before I had a man and I shall be happy after (if I decide to ditch him later)lol. The point I'm trying to make is, why the hell do girls waste so much of their time on guys.

I clearly am lost to this world so maybe someone could explain it to me...But I think that we no longer live in the dark ages where women had to get married and had no status of her own. We are now liberated women! So be happy with yourselves and don't allow your lives to revolve around men. The only person who can make you happy is yourself. If you aren't happy there's no way you ever going to find a guy who can...

lol i feel like someone should say “preach it sister” right now...But seriously sisters you don't need a man in your life for you life to be fulfilled. And I'm going to have a total girly moment here, but some day you will find the man of your dreams, just don't spend all your time looking for him... And to all you brothers out there, I know you all aren't bad-there are some real sweethearts out there. But for you players, don't be a dog, girls aren't there for you to use and abuse. I believe you only play them if they playing you...

Peace out



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I am not very good at doing these types of things…. I’ve always seen myself as the conservative type.
I have recently spoken to a friend of mine, and have taken the liberty at pointing out to her that she has been infected by the “KISS OF LOVE!” well for those of you who aren’t familiar with this phenomena let me explain. The Kiss of Love is an emotion of confusion felt by someone when they aren’t sure if they are in love or not…
Some of the symptoms are:
· You feel weak in the knees when that special person is around.
· A broad smile appears on your face when your friends speak of him/her.
· Your friends, often catches you talking about him/her.
· And the biggest sign of all is that when you would at point blank reject the possibility of a relationship between the two of you.

If you have experienced this or know of someone with these symptoms, their problem is denial. But as friends you need to open there eyes to these possibilities however don’t push them into the
If you are the person stuck in this predicament allow yourself to see these possibilities, and don’t change the way you behave just to gain their attention. Try and spend more time with the person… get to know their thoughts and feelings around you and on the whole “
love” issue before you make any decisions. And just remember that if you don’t ask (no matter if you’re a guy or gal) you’ll never know… so take a chance what have you got to lose?


Warning to a young guy

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Dear innocent Mike

I know you probably weren’t expecting this, but here it comes. You’re about to get a lecture from the future, because there are a few things you need to know before you unleash yourself into the world. If I had known this when I left school, I would have been much more prepared.

Firstly: Girls are all CRAZY!!! They do not think like guys and usually they are irrational, you should have experienced this from your sisters and your mother by now (this craziness is totally separate from the ‘terrible-time-of-the-month’). They will stress and nag you randomly. Please remember that it’s what they do, and you have probably done nothing wrong.

Secondly: Never forget that people will always have an issue with something about you, I’m not too sure why it is this happens, but it seems to follow you around everywhere. The important thing is that understand that the things people say should not affect who you truly are, because no matter what people think and say, only YOU can truly know what’s going on inside your head and heart. It might sound really cliché to say that they are probably all jealous, but it might just be the truth. Always keep in mind, how many people like and love you, how many people know that you are truly a nice guy.

Lastly: Don’t regret any of the things you do, and don’t forget to be safe. It’s important to keep your head straight, especially with all the trouble, stresses and situations you will get yourself into. Don’t be afraid to throw a fist and shout at anyone who pisses you off. Keep your friends close, but watch them close because they could be your worst enemies.
Have fun and take care

Michael 2008


A Letter to my younger self

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Sweet girl,

I am pleased that you have made it so far.
Just yesterday you struggled with grasping concepts such as the alphabet and counting in 2’s; making decisions like which outfit to dress your Barbie doll in or dealing with the frustration of having to eat those yucky veggies which your mom insisted were good for you. Now you are facing greater challenges like how to impress that cute boy; how to achieve maximum success in your academics; how to stay true to yourself and your beliefs and not lose your friends in the process… I know the list is endless!! Calm down, take it slow and breathe, we will address all of these issues in due time but for now I want to help you with something which I know really bothers you- your love life or lack thereof.

You had it all planned out didn’t you? At Rhodes all your dreams would finally come true. You thought you would have it all- I mean you are studying journalism at an excellent institution and on your way to becoming the host of a controversial talk show, you have fun loving friends and you have independence, complete sovereignty over all your affairs. There’s just one puzzle piece that’s missing however, you haven’t found the one guy who makes your head bop. An attractive guy who captures your attention still hasn’t come along. True love is so hard to find and the way couples flaunt their kisses in public makes you even bitterer. That friend of yours who leaves you hanging on Friday nights every time her boyfriend calls her over makes you realize how much you wish you had a lover in your life. No prince charming buys you chocolates and roses. You feel so lonely and inadequate.

I know that you will never find the perfect guy at Rhodes because you have so many expectations and you never settle for anything less than the best. You have had numerous suitors yet you have declined each time a guy poured out his feelings for you. I commend you for that because I don’t want you to be desperate to give your love away. You must be alert and know that not everyone deserves your heart. Do not hastily enter into a relationship unless you are certain that the one you choose genuinely appreciates you.

Love and respect yourself enough to wait. You are worth more than gold so be confident about who you are. The great guy you long to meet will come someday when you least expect, just stop looking for him!

Yours truly,
Soul Sista


To be, or not to be...

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Yeah yeah. I know, I stole it from Shakespeare (don’t we all), but hey, it seems fitting. So this blog is a free space, anyone is free to comment on anything, seek advice and give advice. So let us know what’s on your mind. We don’t promise to be able to solve all your problems, but we’re willing to help as much as we can. The thing is, we’re young adults too…so we are pretty much in the same boat as you all are. So there will be times when we need advice too, and right now, I’m in the need of some sound advice… (reasonable and objective of course).
The problem is that I’m in a long distance relationship. Yes, I left the boyfriend behind at home to come half way across the country and get educated. Our only means of communication are phone calls and emails (no mxit since my phone broke down and I am now stuck with an outdated brick which passes for a phone haha!). We only get to see each other during holidays (like four times a year!). And above that, I feel like we’re different people. I used to think I could trust him, but now I’m not so sure… I know he loves me and that he cares, but at times I just feel that he doesn’t understand me. There are moments when I feel like an airhead when we talk and I feel that he doesn’t take me seriously (though I am quite the clown). He completely irritates me and angers me and then there are times when he is the only thing on my mind, and just the sound of his voice creates a feeling of euphoria within me, and all seems right with the world…
I’m completely lost and confused. I’m so unsure about everything and I don’t know what to do. Right now I’m in utter turmoil, yet I feel like the villain in this situation…I’m sure I’m not alone but it feels like I am , so if there’s anyone who could offer any sort of advice or help, it would be much appreciated. Or maybe we could wallow in self pity together…
Yours in love, hate, and confusion…


my young one...

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Dear little angel…
Hi there. How are you dong? It’s your first year of university. You’re probably really excited and nervous at the same time. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach and you’re anxious to just get in with it. Even though you’re finally here, you still think you’re dreaming. Well, now is the time to wake up, step out of that dream and face reality.
You are a first year in the big world of university life. Yes, you have come here for academic reasons. The purpose of you coming to Rhodes is to study and leave here eventually with a degree to your name. But, things are not quite that simple. Once you’re here you realise that being at university is not as simple and straight forward as just doing your work, studying and getting good marks. That is the most important reason for you been at university, but you need more than academics for your university life to be truly successful.
In o-week you’re bombarded by posters, pamphlets and freebies, all to entice you into joining a specific society. Soon you realise that societies play a big role in university life. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be seduced into joining a society though. And don’t just join a society because your friend is joining. You should go to as many events hosted in o-week as you can, and from there decide which society or societies you would like to join. Don’t feel pressured into joining a society. University life is not all about work. If you go through your entire university life stuck in your books you would not have gained the entire experience of university life. But neither should it be all play and no work. Your first year is your most memorable one. You should make the most of it. And the best way of doing that is to find a proper balance between schoolwork and your social life. Being part of a good society where you are comfortable would help you.
So don’t stress or panic, just have fun (while working). And remember to enjoy the journey, but don’t lose sight of the destination.
Rock on
fresh meat



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Dear Snowflake.

So young, so innocent and so naïve these are all the things I see you as.
But this world isn’t as glamorous as everyone would like you to believe. An adventure awaits you, new people, a new place and a chance to create a new identity.
Rhodes is a wonderful educational and social environment to be in. A few things you should remember; acceptance, tolerance and understanding requires an open mind so FOR GOD SAKE!!! Do not lock your self up in a bubble!
Don’t turn into “plastic” your character is a major part of building friendships and companions that will last you a life time. Your “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” so don’t be pressured to do anything you don’t want to, live life to the fullest, have no regrets.
One of the most difficult aspects of living life independently is to strike a correct balance between social and an academic life. Don’t lose sight of your goal…remember your not carrying a burden but the pride of those who support you.
Make choices that are not selfish but choices that take into consideration those around you. You are not just a survivor but the hero in your own story; SO LIVE IT!
I hope this helps to motivate you to stand with pride when you take those steps into the gates of knowledge as “Success is an act of exploration. That means the first thing that you have to find is the unknown. Learning is searching; anything else is just waiting.”
And remember: You alone have the power to transform your thoughts into physical reality; you, alone, can dream and make them come true.
I lOVE YOU....


First and Foremost!!!

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Hey all,

My name is Kimey, and this is one of my blogs. I would just like to let everyone know what I personally will be discussing in this blog.

I have been going through a lot of craziness since I started university last year, and I feel it's necessary for potential first-years as well as other students to be aware of the problems and maybe relate to my thoughts.

To all who read this blog, and especially my entries, please don't leave without posting a comment, statement or argument, it's important to know if my theories are completely absurd or somewhat legit.

Even though this is my first post, it's simply an intro to what I'm expecting from the blog. My posts will be highly cynical, extravagantly controversial and 'somewhat' chauvinistic. Don't take offense to this it's just the way I think, rather than judge what I'm saying or how I think, tell me what you think and what exactly you find wrong with my entry.

Do not be afraid to say what you want to. Because I certainly won't be.