It is believed that first years are mainly concerned with partying, going out, having a good time and such, and then they complain about the heck load of work they have. Apparently first years have so little work yet all they do is complain about all the work they have to get done and how they don’t have enough time.

We may be only first years, but we do have quite a lot of work. Yes good time management would help, but the work is still a lot and we do manage to get our work done on time, but it still doesn’t mean that our lives are all hunky dory. Just because we are first years and at the ‘bottom of the food chain’ it does not mean that we are easy bait to be picked on. And all the older students were at some stage first years themselves. First years are not just slackers here to have a good time. And not all of us are out to party. And there are many who do party and have fun and still manage to do well in their work. A theory which also catches my attention is that first years have the highest failure / dropout rate in universities.

Moving from high school life to university life is a big step, and we try our best to make this step as successful as possible. Having to put up with all the negative comments and views of everyone else at university is not something that serves as encouragement. If we are continuously been told how bad we are going to do we might start actually believing it, it’s psychology. If expectations are so low, the expectations are bound to be met…

The fact is that we do get a lot of work and we do not only complain. We are normal people and do need to vent from time to time. And doesn’t every normal person complain about work? Also if most first years failed, where did so many second and third year students come from? Most first years have to deal with the stress of a new place and environment, being so far away from home and friends and family, and having to uphold expectations. I’m not saying that being in first year is the most difficult, but it is difficult and it would be appreciated if that were taken into consideration.

First years do not drink the most, party the most, or get into the most trouble. First years need to be treated better and afforded more respect. It cannot be an ongoing chain where first years are treated the same every year. It would be a lot better if people showed confidence in first years and helped them feel more at home rather than want to pack up and leave for home.

So don’t be so ready to assume the worst of people, don’t judge before knowing. Just know that us first years are still learning.

yours in irritation



  1. m Says:
    Dear: Yours in irritation,

    It seems as if you have not spoken to many – if any second, third, fourth, honors or master students in order to conclude your opinion piece. Two opinions from third years are that first year students are “immature” and “they spread (their legs).”Although these are harsh comments, insinuating that first years are irresponsible and promiscuous, these have been earned. Just as you claim that first years should not have to earn respect from more senior students, quite the contrary, they have earned these opinions, opinions that are self-inflicted and negative.

    Have you considered that by being told that you are going to do badly academically if you continue to neglect your work, serves as a warning for you to get moving and actually put in the effort needed before it is too late? How can this be negative “psychology?” If someone warns you that you need to put in more effort or else you are not going to pass the year, you cannot then blame that person for speaking negativity over your life as a reason enough for your failure. Do you not think that this would simply be placing the blame on the advisor for your lack of self-discipline?

    Good luck with exams!
  2. m Says:
    I am also a first year and therefore also wear these labels hey !