Ah something that comes with all relationships (well most anyway), that green-eyed monster…jealousy! I guess its something most people don’t understand, until they get into a relationship. Jealousy is a pretty serious thing. It’s something most people aren’t proud of, but it’s something they can’t help.

Jealousy can be quite destructive, if you allow it to be. Most couples, no matter how much trust there is in the relationship, still have jealousy issues. I guess maybe a little jealousy is healthy… but then you get those who go to the extremes with jealousy. Couples exchange mxit pins and codes to all sorts of stuff. I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about... But, well, when you’re in a relationship you tend to get jealous by every little thing. You don’t want them hanging around people of the opposite sex too much, you are super sensitive to what they wear, and who they talk to and what they do… things are just uber complicated!

But you’ve got to remember that at times jealousy can lead to you being a controlling person. It’s very difficult to keep your feelings in touch, but it truly is better to just talk about it at times and be honest about how you feel. It might help to better understand each other and could pre-empt unwanted quarrels.

I know it’s really tough. But, trying to be a better person is always a good thing, aint it? Just wish controlling the emotions were easier…

Peace dudes ^m^


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  1. Anonymous Says:
    yeah the jealousy is something you do not plan its something you cant control and definitely something im not proud of..and the mxit pin story and codes is something thats has made its way somehow into my relationship and its was something we said wed never doo but here we are with each others codes a good couple months into this relationship...food for thought..DONT LET JEALOUSY CONSUME YOU IT COULD BE THE END OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP NO MATTRE HOW MUCH YOU LOVE EACH OTHER