Relationships are complicated. Its common knowledge to all. If you don’t know this already, or think differently, well then, you’re in a dwaal bru-wake up! Not just the complicatedness of the relationship between a couple, but also the intricate relationship within families.

What I’m getting at is, relationships already have issues on their own, so wouldn’t things be a whole lot easier if your relationships could blend well-your ‘significant other’ and your family get along (at least like each other moderately!). You should always remember that your family was there before all the other people in your life, and they’re going to be around after all the others too-they don’t have a choice, they’re stuck with you! I have a simple rule-when you get into a relationship, when you start having those thoughts that this is someone you could see in your future, that’s when you bring in the family!

If you’re fortunate (which I’ve noticed is rather rare, hmm…) they’ll like each other (at least enough to get along for your sake). If your family has got issues with the relationship, find out what those issues are. If they’re reasonable try and sort things out. If your family is just brutish-you know they wrong! (And the dilemma is yours). If your ‘other’ has issues with your family, maybe they will grow to like your family and accept them, if not- what the hell, ditch them!

Dudes, the thing is, guys and gals are going to come and go in your life. But your family is forever. And your family is always going to be there for you, looking out for you, standing up for you, and just being there for you (even when you don’t want them). Your family never has ulterior motives (unless you’ve got some hell sicko family!). So never choose someone else over your family (except in maybe extreme obscure circumstances). Family should always come first!



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  1. demon Says:
    i agree with you 100% people should realise that you are here because of your family..they have been there for you through thick and thin and shall continue to do so until the end of time...DONT EVER CHOOSE PEOPLE OVER YOUR FAMILYpeople come and go while there are those that remain 4eva and thats your family
  2. demon Says:
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