ditch the ou-you don't need him

Hey peeps. I've just been thinking about what one of my friends said to me at the beginning of this year, it really quite bugged me. I had forgotten about it(something you should know, I have a great memory-lol) anyhoo, it sort of popped into my head out of nowhere and thought I'd share it (they do say sharing is caring).

So this is the law according to my friend(who shall remain nameless), if you don't find a boyfriend in university then your chances of getting a man later on in life are pretty much-zero! Now to a lot of girls that is a scary thought (take note I don't say all-I said a lot, so don't be getting ready to jump on me). a lot of girls spend quite a lot of time trying to find the right guy, or trying to 'hook' the guy they think is 'Mr Right', or pretty much obsessing about guys. Girls tend to feel that they need to be in a relationship to be happy or to feel complete...

Now this is what i fail to understand. Why should you feel the need to be in a relationship (why should you even want one?)- and I am not saying this because I am in a relationship!To be honest, I'm quite happy with my relationship currently (save for the whole long distance thing) but hey I was happy before I had a man and I shall be happy after (if I decide to ditch him later)lol. The point I'm trying to make is, why the hell do girls waste so much of their time on guys.

I clearly am lost to this world so maybe someone could explain it to me...But I think that we no longer live in the dark ages where women had to get married and had no status of her own. We are now liberated women! So be happy with yourselves and don't allow your lives to revolve around men. The only person who can make you happy is yourself. If you aren't happy there's no way you ever going to find a guy who can...

lol i feel like someone should say “preach it sister” right now...But seriously sisters you don't need a man in your life for you life to be fulfilled. And I'm going to have a total girly moment here, but some day you will find the man of your dreams, just don't spend all your time looking for him... And to all you brothers out there, I know you all aren't bad-there are some real sweethearts out there. But for you players, don't be a dog, girls aren't there for you to use and abuse. I believe you only play them if they playing you...

Peace out


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  1. Anonymous Says:
    n what maks you think guys don't think the same?
  2. Mark Says:
    u have out done urself my rumin:) Pais and i read it and had a good chuckle...nw u can help me with my investigation:) see u next week 4 some CANE TRAIN:) x x