Warning to a young guy

Dear innocent Mike

I know you probably weren’t expecting this, but here it comes. You’re about to get a lecture from the future, because there are a few things you need to know before you unleash yourself into the world. If I had known this when I left school, I would have been much more prepared.

Firstly: Girls are all CRAZY!!! They do not think like guys and usually they are irrational, you should have experienced this from your sisters and your mother by now (this craziness is totally separate from the ‘terrible-time-of-the-month’). They will stress and nag you randomly. Please remember that it’s what they do, and you have probably done nothing wrong.

Secondly: Never forget that people will always have an issue with something about you, I’m not too sure why it is this happens, but it seems to follow you around everywhere. The important thing is that understand that the things people say should not affect who you truly are, because no matter what people think and say, only YOU can truly know what’s going on inside your head and heart. It might sound really cliché to say that they are probably all jealous, but it might just be the truth. Always keep in mind, how many people like and love you, how many people know that you are truly a nice guy.

Lastly: Don’t regret any of the things you do, and don’t forget to be safe. It’s important to keep your head straight, especially with all the trouble, stresses and situations you will get yourself into. Don’t be afraid to throw a fist and shout at anyone who pisses you off. Keep your friends close, but watch them close because they could be your worst enemies.
Have fun and take care

Michael 2008


1 Response to Warning to a young guy

  1. Anonymous Says:
    i thnk you give some great advice and i totally agree with you when it comes to not allowing what others have to say about you affect you. you sahould always remain tru to yourself.

    I do however find your views on the fairer sex quite, uh, what could i say, "interesting". I think you are being a little too harsh and stereotypical. Yes, we girls can be quite difficult, I do admit that, but to say that we are irratinal is taking things a bit far. I take it you've had Bad experiences with girls,and I sympathise, but you shouldn't make such generalisations.

    You're rught, girls don't think like guys, but could you imagine how weird it would be if we did?! And another thing , yeah girls can be pretty difficult, but so can guys!

    And on an end note I'd like to say that I don't believe there's such a thing as 'normal' people, I think that everyone has a bit of craziness in them...

    Have fun being crazy! :)