Just thought I’d pick up on a point mentioned in a comment to my blog about stereotypes. ‘Anonymous’ mentioned the doing away of the Springbok emblem. It is obviously something which is very close to your heart, as it is with most South African’s. The Bok’s have come a long way and yes they are recognised internationally as the ‘Springboks’. All people relate South African rugby with the Springboks.

Our government and the people that come up with these oh so wonderful name changing ideas clearly do not share a very good and understanding relationship with it’s people. When it came to the changing of road names it was obvious that vast numbers of the affected people were unhappy, yet the name changes still took place… And that too using (no matter how much) tax payers hard earned money. Money which could have been better used for example to help with poverty.

I’m sure there will be a national uproar about the doing away of the Bok’s emblem. Well people are already speaking out. On a 5fm show the audience was allowed to call in and share their thoughts and views on the issue of changing the emblem, and no one seems to be happy. A point brought up was that if they had issues with the name, why was the name not changed after we’d obtained democracy-it might have been a lot more acceptable then as everyone was ready to shed themselves of everything related to apartheid. But, the choice was made to keep the emblem and now, after so many years when our nation has grown together to love the ‘Springboks’, the forces that be decide to strip us of our national pride (towards our rugby team).

It would seem that the forces that be are imposing there power, what other reason is there for this ridiculousness? As a nation do people relate the Bok emblem to racism? Our country’s president recently stepped down; our country isn’t exactly in a ‘good’ state of affairs. Yet the higher powers choose to concern themselves unnecessary matters. And by doing so possibly creating a greater divide amongst our already divided nation…

To me, watching the Bok’s play is a unifying force-in that moment nothing but the match matters. So what is it that the forces that be really want? And what is to happen to the Bok’s? Maybe the nation could stand together and show our national pride towards the Bok’s… Maybe as a nation we could prove to those who hold the cards that ‘Springbok’s’ should stay…!

yours in the spirit of Springbok pride


2 Responses to Sprinboks...?

  1. Anonymous Says:
    i ges all the big shots forgot how wen the SPRINGBOKS won the world cup twice they said it was a occassion that united a country and the big shots went and gloated celebrated like they blimen played the hole world cup...SPRINGBOKS the emblem should also stay to show our heritage we should be proud of how far wev come as a ciuntry not hide it..well thats just my thoughts not lije it makes a difference in the digger frame of things but ja hope the big shots come to there senses
  2. Sonny Cox Says:
    The Springboks will survive....

    We will see to it.

    Our history and pride in sport will carry on forever!

    God bless and protect the


    God bless Nelson Mandela.