We’re living in a new century. Stereotypes are something of the past and should be forgotten. We should know better than to stuck to stereotypes. But, there are still many people (most people) who stereotype. People of certain races behave in a certain manner. Girls are like this and guys are like that. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Just thought I’d mention the fact that I personally cannot stand pink, and I’m a girl! Some stereotypes are just so unbelievably ridiculous I cannot imagine anyone who could come up with such things. But, it is true that most stereotypes do pose to be true. But, the fact remains that we should be above and beyond stereotypes by now.

This brings me to the generalisation that guys are into sport and girls find sport inexplicably boring. We all know this is completely untrue. So why is it that when it comes a big game we always hear of the guys planning a big night ‘to watch the game’ and we hear of them trying to find excuses or ways to get the girlfriend to allow them to watch the game. I just fail to understand this. Or maybe it is because the guys would rather watch the game with ‘the guys’ rather than their girlfriend…

I really do not know but all I can say is that, I don’t really care who I’m with this weekend as long as I’m in front of a TV watching the ABSA CURRIE CUP semi-final between the Sharks and Lions. Yes, the semi finals are tomorrow, and the Sharks will meet the Lions at 14:30 in Durban. And the Cheetahs will verse the Bulls at 17:00 in Pretoria. My money’s on a Sharks v Bulls final in Durban. But, I shall wait and see.
I certainly hope you will all have fun and enjoy the game no matter which team you support…




  1. Anonymous Says:
    lol permission...i dont recall asking for permission n you r wrong i would love 2 watch an important match with my girlfriend...after all i have exposed ha 2 a hole lot of soccer not 2 irritate ha but to make ha like soccer more and eventually watch a game with me(lol dats a bit hard now but it shall happen)lol i do realise that shed b highly bored n uterly shockd but least she b there with me!!!!!!!!!!and as 4 sterotyping whats the point and now they wana freaken doo away with the spingboks emblem after the boks have made a huge and reputable name for themselves and yes everyone refers to them as the boks locally and internationally...i say some people dont no were to stop from our roads to our south african sports teams! this is another form of domination were the higher authority imposing there power and yes thats the former disadvantaged group!and they say the springbok shows racism i say they been racist right now they should just let things be