First and Foremost!!!

Hey all,

My name is Kimey, and this is one of my blogs. I would just like to let everyone know what I personally will be discussing in this blog.

I have been going through a lot of craziness since I started university last year, and I feel it's necessary for potential first-years as well as other students to be aware of the problems and maybe relate to my thoughts.

To all who read this blog, and especially my entries, please don't leave without posting a comment, statement or argument, it's important to know if my theories are completely absurd or somewhat legit.

Even though this is my first post, it's simply an intro to what I'm expecting from the blog. My posts will be highly cynical, extravagantly controversial and 'somewhat' chauvinistic. Don't take offense to this it's just the way I think, rather than judge what I'm saying or how I think, tell me what you think and what exactly you find wrong with my entry.

Do not be afraid to say what you want to. Because I certainly won't be.


1 Response to First and Foremost!!!

  1. amstalent Says:
    Thanks for coming to the comments section, don't just write rubbish. Try and leave a comment with sense, we doing this to help other people in our situation, not just becasue you can.