Urgh, it’s the Monday syndrome again, here I find myself tired and swamped and already over the week before it’s begun. Ah, well as per usual I should be over this feeling soon. And then I’ll be stressing about all the work that needs to be done and I haven’t even started! But one thing less to stress about – yes JMS 1 students our portfolios have been handed in and now we need not stress about having to get it completed and handed in on time (well if you haven’t done this yet then you’ve got waarheids – start praying, maybe God can help you). Now you can breathe a bit better and the only time you have to seriously start stressing again is as the date of outcome for your application nears… Then we shall all be praying. The thing is you are continuously told how important it is to work hard and consistently and you always hear of your portfolio and how important it is. But, you never truly realise how important it is until this moment when you’re getting everything together and trying to make everything look good so that you get into the JMS2 class, and when you realise just how thin your portfolio is. Ah, but it’s too late to do anything about it now. All you can do is pray that your marks are good enough and that your motivation is motivating enough to the board and start working so that your next year’s portfolio is kick ass.
Well basically, I guess what I heard about the life of a journalist could be true – there’s no time for anything, including relationships…



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