Having moved more than 15 times in her life, there was one more move that she was willing to take to make not only her dreams come true but that of her parents.
At the age of 19 Alisha Singh found herself leaving her home; the majestic island of Mauritius to come to South Africa’s Eastern Cape home to the infamous Rhodes University which her family has chosen for her to further her education.
Having attended a two year pre-university diploma at Lé-Bocage International School, the Singh family prepared themselves for the departure of their eldest daughter into the realm of knowledge.
It was evident from speaking to Alisha that her friend’s description of her wasn’t wrong. Her radiance and confidence surged from this character before me. “I’m not really the clubbing type; more of a nerd actually, so I quite enjoy reading especially all of Dan Browns books!” Hanging out with her group of friends is her favourite pastime; “I like to know what’s going on in my friend’s lives, and I like knowing that they are all fine all of the time”
The reason behind her moving is because of her Dads’ work; “I didn’t really mind honestly… new people, new place it was fun but I guess that’s the reason when I never really felt it difficult when I arrived here. Adapting to a new environment is something that I’ve gotten used too.” So having come to Grahamstown for the first time at the beginning of the year Alisha’s initial reactions were “OH MY GOD! This place is a rural farm!!!!” She exclaims this with a cheerful childish giggle. “And I still think that it is!” Shocked as she was, from leaving her city life behind her, it didn’t take her long to start making friends. Res mates Impo, Gama, Tami and Amanda found themselves smitten by her charms and thus extended their hand of friendship. “HSS (Hindu Student Society) was other great place to meet other Indian people…considering I hadn’t really met any since I’ve got here.”
Missing home is a basic challenge for all first years and for Alisha this was no different,” I miss home terribly especially around the exam time, or when you just don’t feel like dinning hall food also when its festivals and you attend mundhir (temple); but it really hurts knowing that I’m missing out on sooo many of my lil sisters’ (Tiacia, 14) activities”

Setting goals for any first year is important especially if you plan to strike that perfect balance between the social and the academic life “I have short term goals….like passing my math test coming up next week, and getting those three first’s that I’m aiming for, and long term goals like ending off with my BSc degree with majoring in Bio-Chemistry and Chemistry, marriage too is a goal but that’s after we both stand on our own feet… Like in three or four years…”
Visions of being apart of something and making a change was a natural feeling to Alisha, being voted onto the HSS committee was one of the ways to achieve this, “ I like organising things… I’ve heard about how awesome the HSS com was, and in the last few years has let that reputation slip. I believe that becoming media rep was the perfect way to bring back the spirit!”
“Being apart of the First Year Dance for the cultural show had to be one of the major highlights for me as it was great fun and I was one of the choreographers” Alisha’s enthusiasm from her voice faded into that of a lost child as she disclosed the lowest moment in her life, “I failed maths in the first semester… I just couldn’t believe it, I was ready to go home and never come back! This was the first time I’ve ever failed anything it made me feel like I would never pass anything ever again…”
She likes to think of herself as “determined, accommodating and as an Aunt Agony”, but her friends best describe her as “sweet and positive influence”
Alisha proudly affirms that she wouldn’t change anything about this year as


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  1. chips Says:
    This is a source of encouragement to students who are looking forward to studying abroad and leaving home. Alisha expresses a true opinion on how it is difficult to leave home and start on a new life away from home. In my view, I think this story is a moving one which contains elements in Todorov’s narrative. The state of equilibrium can be taken to be the time she came to Rhodes University and left home. The disruption or the low point in the life of the narrator being the fact that she failed Maths and how this affected her for sometime as this had never happened before. However, the narrator can be viewed as back on top of the situation and is regarded as a hero in her own right if one considers the short and long term goals that she has set for herself. The confidence and determination she expresses in the plans she has made is a staring point for prospective students and everyone because a lot of people who are in Universities can relate to this story.