It's strange how this conversation actually started...
During the June vaction spending time with my grandparents... my grandma told me a story about this young maiden who was married off to a stranger... the only people who knew each other were the two families!
The maiden cried her heart out and pleaded with her father not to send her away to the strangers house.
I was beyond myself when I heard this.
She went on to say that after marriage.... the maiden and the stranger began a journey of discovery.....and began to fall in love.
One night the maiden thought of the days when her marriage was being planned and remembered her cries to her father.
She then concluded that the choice that her parents made wasn't wrong at all...
And the maiden and her new found love lived happily together..... to this very day.

This is the story of my my grandparents.....( Im very happy that my gran didn't manage to change her dads mind!!!!)

Arranged marriages?
Is it to an obserd idea to exist in todays modern society...
Is it the answer to todays high divorce rate.
The idea behind this practice is that the families decide on the major decisions in youngsters life... and the youger generation is to abide. Many cultures around the world still follow this practice. But are we South Africans ready for it?
If internet marriage sites becoming such a craze... why is it then so abhorrent that we wouldn't consider it?