I am not very good at doing these types of things…. I’ve always seen myself as the conservative type.
I have recently spoken to a friend of mine, and have taken the liberty at pointing out to her that she has been infected by the “KISS OF LOVE!” well for those of you who aren’t familiar with this phenomena let me explain. The Kiss of Love is an emotion of confusion felt by someone when they aren’t sure if they are in love or not…
Some of the symptoms are:
· You feel weak in the knees when that special person is around.
· A broad smile appears on your face when your friends speak of him/her.
· Your friends, often catches you talking about him/her.
· And the biggest sign of all is that when you would at point blank reject the possibility of a relationship between the two of you.

If you have experienced this or know of someone with these symptoms, their problem is denial. But as friends you need to open there eyes to these possibilities however don’t push them into the
If you are the person stuck in this predicament allow yourself to see these possibilities, and don’t change the way you behave just to gain their attention. Try and spend more time with the person… get to know their thoughts and feelings around you and on the whole “
love” issue before you make any decisions. And just remember that if you don’t ask (no matter if you’re a guy or gal) you’ll never know… so take a chance what have you got to lose?


2 Responses to KISS OF LOVE

  1. chips Says:
    Why have you typed the words "love" and "relationship" in red..?Signs of danger or what? Im just curious that you have taken such a stance knowing you as i do,i feel there is hope of convincing you otherwise on the subject of Love not LUst!!
  2. Anonymous Says:

    i know exactly what you mean! I was in the very same position not so long ago. This guy and I were very good friends...we spent alot of time together and were really kind of tight. but we just thought we were real good friends...then people started telling us know the sort like people start talking and asking if you two like each other or are going out...

    as can be expected, we denied that there was anything going on between us and we convinced each other we were just real good friends and that everyone else had super wild imaginations. but as usual when these sort of things happen, a seed is planted in your head...and thats when you start to realise that your smile really is much broader and brighter when that speciak person is around...and you start thinking about them even more...and then you really go into start saying stuff like "he's like a brother to me..."And you also start acting weird around try and avoid him as much as possible, but you watch him from a distance, you don't go up to him,but you hang about hoping that he'll come up to you...and then comes the big one...when you see him with other girls you get jealous!

    lol but still we were in denial and ig=f it weren't for his friend who eventually woke him up we'dve been stuck so thankfully he finally woke up(and in the process woke me up to) and he is now my boyfriend...:)
    lol or maybe if he hadn't woken up I'd have been available for a gorgeous guy at rhodes...;)