Profile Article on Marelize by Bongeka Gumede

Profile Article on Marelize Dyosop
At first glance, she appears to be timid and shy. Her gentle smile and her innocent eyes make one assume that she is a na├»ve girl whom people easily take advantage of, getting to know her reveals the contrary however. After taking the time to know her, I found that Marelize Dyosop, a Journalism student who hails from Uitenage has a realistic outlook on life; she has the determination and passion to someday become a competent and highly successful journalist. Marelize is no stranger to me I have often ridiculed her myself for being a ‘party pooper’, a ‘homebody’ and a ‘workaholic’ but secretly, I admire her because she doesn’t conform to what other girls do in our res. I have observed Marelize, while I lose myself in the chaos; she has remained firmly rooted in her beliefs and stayed true to herself. I have watched the way in which she assertively makes choices and decisions which set her aside from the crowd. She does not ever act in accordance with the expectations of her peers; she simply does what she wants.

Marelize is initially uneasy and reserved; critical of my interviewing techniques (since she is a journalism student herself); I ask her a simple question and she looks puzzled and giggles, ‘What a silly question!’ The sound of her gregarious laughter breaks the tension and she lays her head on the pillow with ease and gradually slips into a comfort zone as we begin to have a much anticipated conversation. Once she starts talking she exudes an air of confidence, she expresses herself freely through facial and hand gestures. She is articulate and quite outspoken; there is passion in everything she says. Her speech displays a high level of maturity.

"The most fulfilling thing in this place has been discovering that I can be independent and can get work done without being coached by my parents, adapting has been hard though, honestly first year has been quite a thorny journey," she pauses and there is suddenly an intense expression on her face as she recounts the events that have been a ‘thorn in her journey’. A slightly vulnerable side of Marelize begins to surface as she begins to reveal the way that the death of three relatives in her family affected her. Marelize explains that having lots of friends around consoling her during that time would not have made her feel any better, she prefers to face up to problems on her own and let out all her emotions in private and then move on swiftly with life again. I can see that independence is something that Marelize values, public displays of sad emotions does not rate high on this girl’s list. She expresses herself through poetry and when all else fails she kneels down and calls upon Jesus "God genuinely cares, He is my creator and understands everything I go through".

Marelize has many things she does during her leisure time but what stands out the most to me is her loyal membership in the Generations ‘fan club’. A dedicated and loyal member is Marelize, always present at the meetings in the common room on Monday to Friday at 8pm. A large group of girls eagerly gather around attentively watching the soapie. Marelize says that despite the long hours that her studies demand it is important to find some time to be around friends because people can shape who you become. Her independence might be mistaken for aloofness but instead Marelize is warm, friendly and is a good listener who gives helpful advice. I myself have often been one to seek her counsel. "I never know who to turn to when I am in a dilemma because everyone else draws strength and encouragement from me especially at home, if Marelize crumbles then they lose hope."

Equilibrium, Rat and Parrot and SSS are the hot spots where Rhodes students gather together for a good time, Marelize does not feel the desire to be at these places where fine brothers and glamorous outgoing girls come together to get down on the dance floor and indulge in doses of alcohol to loosen up. "At times I feel that maybe there is something not normal about me because I don’t have the cravings and the urge to be wild like all other young people". Marelize admits that that coping in such an environment is hard but she says that you have to accept that not everyone is going to like you for who you are and you cannot compromise just because you want to please people.

This girl can talk for hours about inspiring and insightful things. She can advise you on just about anything. Like any hero, she also has weaknesses, she is not perfect but the most important lesson to be learnt from her is that of being true to oneself. This is a character feature which makes her shine and stand out from the rest.


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