my young one...

Dear little angel…
Hi there. How are you dong? It’s your first year of university. You’re probably really excited and nervous at the same time. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach and you’re anxious to just get in with it. Even though you’re finally here, you still think you’re dreaming. Well, now is the time to wake up, step out of that dream and face reality.
You are a first year in the big world of university life. Yes, you have come here for academic reasons. The purpose of you coming to Rhodes is to study and leave here eventually with a degree to your name. But, things are not quite that simple. Once you’re here you realise that being at university is not as simple and straight forward as just doing your work, studying and getting good marks. That is the most important reason for you been at university, but you need more than academics for your university life to be truly successful.
In o-week you’re bombarded by posters, pamphlets and freebies, all to entice you into joining a specific society. Soon you realise that societies play a big role in university life. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be seduced into joining a society though. And don’t just join a society because your friend is joining. You should go to as many events hosted in o-week as you can, and from there decide which society or societies you would like to join. Don’t feel pressured into joining a society. University life is not all about work. If you go through your entire university life stuck in your books you would not have gained the entire experience of university life. But neither should it be all play and no work. Your first year is your most memorable one. You should make the most of it. And the best way of doing that is to find a proper balance between schoolwork and your social life. Being part of a good society where you are comfortable would help you.
So don’t stress or panic, just have fun (while working). And remember to enjoy the journey, but don’t lose sight of the destination.
Rock on
fresh meat


4 Responses to my young one...

  1. Lesh Says:
    Well done Deamon.
    You hit the nail on the head when it comes to the fact that students need to balance their life between work and play. I like the fact that you give sound advice about how to join the correct society that appeals to your taste and not because your friend is thinking if joining a certain society. I myself also write on the fact that when choosing to sign up for a society a first year must not be talked into joining just because of the free T-shirt and because their friend tells them to.

    I like your mention of the pamphlets and freebies that first-years are bombarded with in O-week. It shows how easily one can be persuaded to join a society just because it has great advertising. Societies are after all more than advertising. They are the things that will help you meet new and exciting people that you thought you would only see on television.

    Your fan
  2. SNOW Says:
    dear Daemon....

    your letter has made the young snowflake that work with no play isnt taht fun...
    spending time with friends is important...but making those friends first is difficult easpecially as a first year....joining a society is a great way to do this.... you meet new people.... make a few freinds....and learn something new. just what you need!
    however the students at Rhodes are spoilt with choice so making the most of 'o'-week like you have said is a vital part of your arrival.... (i wish someone would have told me this earlier).....

    thanks for the advice id be sure to remember it when i get here.

  3. Anonymous Says:
    ahh but daemon you know how hard it is to find that right balance..there is always toooo much drinking parties all when you go away from home.its like a new experience of freedom that you just have to capitalise on..and with the work been so tough all you look foward to is taking a breather on the weekend but NO ther is always more work which always ending up been done last minute just so you can spend time with your friends>
    i dont think theres a perfect balance its either more fun or mor books!
  4. Thulaganyo Makena Says:
    Hey there

    I related a whole lot to your letter to your younger self.
    When it comes to societies I also didn’t fall for every Tom hmmm...I’m going to guess that you know the rest. I actually waited until second semester to join some societies because I knew I would not be able to juggle everything from the word go.
    The excitement of finally being independent quickly faded when it came with a whole lot of responsibilities, a student budget can only take you a certain distance.
    O-week was also hectic for me and I didn't even have time to go to the introductory lectures, which should have been an early sign to me that I would soon be faced with time management problems.
    Anyhow, we have both made it through first year and I hope that even though we won't be in first year next year that we'll at least take what we have learnt this year with us so that we don't end up making the same mistakes...

    Lots of Purple love ;-)