a comic strip!
a comic strip!


2 Responses to PHOTO COMIC:

  1. Greenas Says:
    Hey Guys

    You start with the disruption so the initial equilibrium (according to Todorov’s theory) is implied. I think it’s a good tactic because we interested from the word go. Although in practice you guys could have been a little clearer with regards to your narrative. The jumping around in time is great but we are left a little confused as to who the villain is. I had to read it twice to get what was happening. You should have perhaps stretched the narrative over more slides to make it more lucid. But otherwise I liked the way you played around with the colour on the one photograph to indicate that that was the previous night’s events.

  2. Lord Harold III Says:
    Well I liked the gruesome props in the first picture, it really got the comic off to an interesting start as the equilibrium proposed by Todorov is immediately disrupted. The twist was a little obvious and the plot got a bit confusing at times but at least it was left open ended to allow the reader to draw their own conclusion to an extent. I also liked the change of colour in the slides to show the time change, the gruesome image of the murder weapon covered in ‘blood’ and the use of an official security guard which added to the authenticity of the comic.